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I have mentioned this in another thread, but I wanted to talk about it in this english section too.

I have created a map for where beekeepers, http://apiarymap.com (directly to English) or http://biodlarkartan.se where beekeepers can place markers to show where their apiaries are, along with some information about the place such as the bee race used. The last few days a couple of Russian beekeepers have added their apiaries. After this I added a new bee race to the site, Apis mellifera caucasica. If you think there should be other bee races that I'm not aware of please let me know.

Also, when you click on an apiary on the map you will see a circle to show the area in which the bees fly. Useful for determining the type of honey.

The map is based on Google maps so the resolution of the satellite images is generally quite high.
Цитата(Liljeberg @ Воскресенье, 20 Февраля 2011, 5:48)

Интересная карта
Dear Liljeberg !

I must enlighten you in a bad way! You are not informed of our, Russian, present day reality!
Why should we welcome such a map of our bee-gardens? Our apiaries must be hidden as well as possible to protect them from thieves and to keep riff-ruff out.
In addition we dislike when our native power of fat cats pays attention to us since this power is dedicated to impede us.
Try again some years later. I think, changes will come soon!
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